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Prosha Interiors + Design – Leading Interior Design Studio Based in NYC


Design for the senses to create artistic and healthier spaces. 

Prosha Interiors + Design (PID) is a full-service, LEED certified interior design studio based in NYC that specializes in residential and commercial design. Our interior design studio collaborates with developers, architects, contractors, tenants, and homeowners. We believe a well-designed space allows you to live, work, and play as you've always intended.


An artist, and the company’s Founder and Creative Lead, Prosha Korangy's passion pairs with a formidable background in commercial real estate, bringing in an atmosphere of traditional, modern, and eclectic styles. Her affinity for design and composition inspired the launch of Prosha Interiors + Design.


As a LEED certified designer and member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), she offers not only sustainable but affordable interior design, tailored to meet your specific needs. PID is committed to environmental responsibility and is a proud partner of One Tree Planted, contributing to reforestation efforts and supporting this incredible community and vital cause.


Prosha’s design direction often begins with rough sketches exploring form with friction, and engaging the senses (visual, texture, sound, and scent) with a common theme of wellness, bringing balance to every space. She is a lifetime student who continually studies theories behind design and the impact it has on people. Prosha currently offers webinars that teach how design and the space we inhabit affects our experience. 

For more information please send us a short message.


Interested in residential or commercial design? Please fill out our project inquiry form to get started.

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