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Sustainable Gift Ideas for Everyone

The holidays are here and sometimes it is so difficult to choose the right gift. Each season, I try to select exciting gifts for my loved ones that are thoughtful, well-designed but most importantly, I am trying to find sustainably sourced items.

These days, some of the biggest businesses offer eco-friendly options to their customers.

For instance, check out Adidas “made to be remade” Ultraboost sneakers. These stylish kicks are desig

ned to be worn out, but not thrown out. Once you’ve logged a few marathons in these runners, just send them back. Adidas will then clean, shred, melt, mold and remake the shoe into something new. (Adidas “Ultraboost Made to be Remake” shoes, $180).

Patagonia is also doing its part with non-exploitative products made largely with recycled materials. Their women's “Endless Run Tights” are breathable, moisture-wicking, but, best of all, are also Fair Trade Certified — meaning that Patagonia pays a premium for the sewing labor, with the extra money going directly to the workers at the factory. (Patagonia “Endless Run Tights,” $99).

Or, if 2021 has given you or a very special friend a bad case of cabin fever, Stella McCartney has got you. Their Spring 2022 collection boasts the far out “Scuba Corset,” that is, in Stella’s words: for “women who live in the moment and are conscious of tomorrow.” The structured, black on khaki bodice is made from 100% Recycled Polyester so that you’ll fit right in with the “Y2K music subcultures and club kids to the digital youth of today.” (Stella McCartney “Structured Scuba Corset,” $895).

Although, not all that glitters is guilt free, these stunning works of sculptural jewelry are.

Canada’s L’Alchimie is know for their handcrafted sustainable jewelry and the Joá Long earrings are no exception. The long, 18k gold works of art look support abstracted, plant-inspired bulbs. They also serve as a nice reminder that these nickel, cadmium and led free pieces plant one tree with each purchase. (L’Alchimie “Joá Long” earring, $187).

KBH Jewels also draws and give back to nature with sparkling statements like the Leaf Climber Ring — a 14K gold, curving, full-finger ring lined with glistening diamonds — and Warrior Ring — made from three piece of 14K gold welded together and inspired by armor. The female-founded fine jewelry brand is committed to clean material sourcing, circular practices and is handcrafted in NYC with 100% recycled gold, cultivated diamonds and organically cultured South Sea Pearls. (KBH Jewels “Leaf Climber” and “Warrior” rings, $3,000 and $3,500).

Still, at the end of the day, home is where the heart is and gifting sustainably for the home brings a little more comfort.

Candles are always a good place to start, since they are often handmade locally from the ultimate renewable resource: beeswax! One of my favorite sustainable candles is created by Umé Studio in Oakland, California. Dubbed the Candle Pit and sold with a stylish white oak tray, these large scale candles are a whooping 10-inches tall and weigh 4.5 pounds. Better still, as the candle burns it reveals dramatic, volcano-like peaks and ridges. It’s a treat to watch. (Umé Studio “Candle Pit,” $395).

Ceramics are another piece of home decor that are produced in small quantities through traditional, sustainable processes.

Copenhagen’s Raawii is committed to producing products “with respect for people and society” while “providing optimal conditions for designers.” Their Strøm bowl by Nicholai Wiig-Hansen is a gorgeous example of that ethos. Handmade in Portugal, the earthen ware piece comes in a huge variety of vibrate and playful colors and can be used for anything from delicate foods to the contents of your pocket. (Raawii “Strøm” bowl, $94)

Alternatively, hit the Etsy marketplace. They offer a variety of similar antiques like this massive, turn-of-the-century, “Pignate" pot, originally used in Southern Italy for cooking legumes as decor. (Antique XL “Pignate” pot, $180)

Whatever you gift this year, remember that 'tis the season for sustainability. Happy holidays to you, your family and friends!

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