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The Finishing Touch: A Guide to Choosing Artwork for Home and Interiors

Selecting the perfect artwork can be a daunting task, especially considering the diversity and subjectivity of art. With its ability to set the mood and ambiance of a space, art has the power to evoke emotions and create the desired atmosphere.

Source: Prosha Interiors + Design Offices of Al Dente

Art in any space sparks both internal and external conversations, encouraging people to share stories and thoughts as it provokes inspiration and stimulates the mind.

 “So many of my clients ask me about sourcing artwork and I love this question. Art placement is one of my favorite moments when I am creating a space as it plays a crucial role in transforming the environment to that final stage. Whether we are designing a cozy home or a bustling commercial space, selecting the right artwork can help reflect our client’s unique style and identity. If there is art in the room you will always feel in good company.” 

- Prosha Korangy

Source: Prosha Interiors + Design, Prosha at Fondation Louis Vuitton

“To begin, it's always essential to understand my client's perspective and I always start by asking: What kind of art resonates with you and how does it connect back to you?”

- Prosha Korangy Founder of Prosha Interiors + Design

In this overview, we'll explore how to approach choosing artwork for your home or interiors, considering both personal preferences and the overarching design concept.

Artsy has some great tips for first time collectors that can be as simple as starting by seeing as much art as possible. We also encourage our clients to go to the galleries and art fairs or search online to get acquainted with the different art genres such as abstract, impressionism, pop art, surrealism, and others. The goal would be to explore what you are attracted to whether that is landscapes, still lives, figurative or other. There are no right or wrong choices in your art selection process and you might like many styles which is also a great thing! This exercise is important to help choose art that  you or your audience would like to live with. Maintaining a personal connection to your artwork ensures its lasting appeal. Understanding why and how it resonates with your story adds a meaningful depth that solidifies your relationship to the piece.

Always keep some of the below things in mind and how these things will relate to the space:

  1. Color and mood

  2. Size and space

  3. 2D or 3D wall decor

  4. Placement and layout

  5. Focal point

  6. Atmosphere

  7. Proportion

  8. Lighting

  9. Budget (prints, posters or original artworks)

Source: Prosha Interiors + Design

Reconnecting Artwork to the Initial Design Concept

Remember to stay true to the initial reason for designing the space. Colors, textures, and, most importantly, artwork should reflect your identity and purpose for the space. Whether it's an inviting living room or a vibrant community hub, every piece of artwork should serve as a meaningful expression of the space's purpose.

Sourcing Your Forever Art for Any Budget and Style:

Here are a few different ways to source artwork:

  1. Collaborate with local artists

  2. Buy Online and even elevate your own artwork and frame it

  3. Upcycle and rescue art from Estate sales

  4. Visit Galleries and art fairs

  5. Explore prints and posters

  6. Commission an unique piece especially for commercial space

Working With An Artist

Source: Aida Izadpanah

Prosha recently worked with a client who had acquired a very special artwork by local artist Aida Izadpanah, which served as the centerpiece of one of the client's rooms. This captivating painting became the inspiration behind the entire room design.

Aida moved to New York City from Iran in 2005 and exhibits her work nationally and internationally, including with Roya Khadjavi Projects, AdvocARTsy, and bokhARTchi Art through Bella Fine Arts. The piece that Prosha and her client acquired had previously been shown in several prestigious galleries. Titled 'Transcendence Numinous,' it was created in Paris when Aida was on a fellowship in 2014 and was part of a series featured in her cover story in Lines from the League magazine. One day at the Louvre Museum, Aida was mesmerized by the blue turquoise tiles of the ancient Persian Frieze of Archers. Inspired, she immediately launched her 'Transcendence' series, all sparked by this chance encounter.

Source: Aida Izadpanah

"I couldn’t help but fixate on the very substance of the frieze—on its and my own transience, yet existence in the present moment.” - Aida Izadpanah

Prints and Framing

Source: Wexel Art

When starting your art collection, remember that you don't have to invest more money than you're comfortable with. Prints, posters, and even your own artwork can be just as powerful and beautiful. Prosha’s team loves Wexel Art, a women-led company that created a new kind of framing solution and experience. Using a clean, contemporary design, Wexel Art displays are designed to fit into any decor seamlessly and make it easy to swap out and update for an elevated look every time. Wexel Art also collaborates with independent artists to curate an exceptional and unique collection of ready-framed art. This collection continually evolves, and every purchase directly supports the

contributing artists. Additionally, Wexel Art's Custom Design Page lets you create your own size with color wall mounts and engraving for a perfectly personalized gift.

Source: Wexel Art

"Great Art taps into those hidden feelings, offering an emotional space that can’t exist in public life…” - Film producer Kishori Rajan 

Unique Art for Commercial Spaces

Prosha Interiors + Design manages a significant amount of commercial clients and when sourcing artwork for public spaces, it is important to curate thoughtfully and consider working with someone like our friends at Giles Miller Studio. Giles Miller is an artist and designer based in the UK who collaborates on commercial projects worldwide. Built on the foundation of surface and sculptural experimentation, his studio questions how spaces are defined, resulting in a new typology that changes the way people experience the spaces that surround them. Engaged in an ongoing experiment into the relationship between materials and light, Giles is constantly in pursuit of creative and technical originality. Collaborating with clients on special commissions enables the studio to marry a direct response to concepts, environments and characters with its ongoing experimentation into new systems and structures. This way of working generates a unique result for every client and some of the studio’s most ambitious and progressive work.

Photographer: Edvinas Bruzas

"I believe in making things that will change the way we experience the spaces around us. I work with a team of talented designers, artists and artisan makers to push the boundaries of innovation within the world of art, sculpture and architecture.

My fascination is in materials and the way they interact with light as well as their surroundings. The technically inquisitive approach we take to each project brings a sense of true originality as well as distinctive richness of character to each piece we produce, and indeed to the spaces they inhabit.

Photographer: Edvinas Bruzas

It's so important that our collaboration with project designers and architects starts at the earliest possible point within the creative design process, giving us the best possible chance to respond directly to a space and ensure absolute harmony between our artworks and their surroundings. The right process and client, in combination with our unique creative approach, can lead to some of the most beautiful and effective artworks and ensure they contribute the maximum possible benefit to the spaces they inhabit."

-Giles Miller Artist and Owner Giles Miller Studio

Prosha shares: "I always prioritize my clients' taste and budget, ensuring that each room has its own distinct ambiance. In residential settings, I meticulously curate artwork to capture the identity and individuality of the occupants. For commercial projects, I consider factors such as the space's function, target audience, and budget. My goal is to select artwork that mirrors the space's identity and cultivates a sense of community connection, resulting in a vibrant, welcoming, and engaging environment."

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